Data Science

We have executed REAL data science projects. Our expertise include from text extraction, named entity recognition, coreference resolution, frequent term mining (TFIDF), classification, regression, clustering etc. The data science team comprises of engineers who have been working in this space for more than 5 years and have excellent experience in solving data science problems and implementing them. Generally we are more focussed towards applying machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing techniques on large volumes of data.

Mobile Apps

Meet our mobile gurus, our own in-house mobile development team. From devising mobile strategies to addressing security concerns and interoperability issues, our practiced team of professionals understands the different aspects of mobile development over multiple platforms, custom-built for different industrial sectors. Our native and cross-platform mobile application development expertise span across the latest versions of Apple iOS(9 and above) & Android (KitKat & above).

Scalable Web Development

Our technical architects lay the foundation to scale up the web service at the system design level in order to meet the changing capabilities of the application in the future. By effectively managing the different parameters that affect the system's scalability, our web development team fulfils all future demands for availability, performance, reliability, cost and manageability across PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, Scala and Node.js. We are not a legacy shop, we offer solutions which are based on proven latest technological stacks. As for frameworks we advocate solutions such as Dropwizard, Play, Vertx, Django, Flask, Rails etc. However, we are never limited to these and are open to any sorts of suggestions.

Cloud Computing

We offer a slew of cloud-based solutions for small, medium and large enterprises. With zero investment in infrastructure, organizations rely on this robust platform to meet their need for rapid scalability, faster implementation and accessibility anytime-anywhere. Majority of our projects follow a SaaS model whereas we have also executed few PaaS services with elastic infrastructure.

IT Infrastructure Management

Our infrastructure management team involves themselves in : configuration, security and support of server environments. We do offer monitoring and maintenance of Big Data systems. We offer our services on the AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and DigitalOcean stack and are open to any others. One of the key areas that we have been focussing of late is container based deployment using Docker or Vagrant. We have a self hosted docker registry where we have readily deployable dockerized images for majority of the platforms that we have worked on.


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