Dexlock is bound to protect your privacy and secure any personal information which you have shared with us. The following Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand the reasons for which we ask you for some personal data and how we use them while keeping the highest security standards.

We’ll only collect personal data such as your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, company name etc. When you are specifically asked to share them and voluntarily decide to do so in our contact form, or unless otherwise permitted by applicable laws and regulations for the protection of your personal data.

The acumen behind collecting your data is to answer business inquiry, propose a business agreement or provide you with any information you have queries on. Provided you are one of our clients, we may also store and use your personal data for the sake of regular communication during project development and to maintain client relationship. Another reason for a contact may be to conduct an online survey to help us understand your business needs or present you with a special offer. At times, we may also share it with our business associates so that we can better answer your business demands and develop a fruitful association. However, we will not contact you or send you any materials if you do not agree on our use of your personal data to maintain client relationship (such as market research or newsletters). We never sell or share your personal data with third parties.