Splash Of Colours

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Splash Of Colours

An intuitive and responsive multi-touch app that helps users to give photos a dramatic look by converting them to black and white, while keeping your chosen details in color.



An application based on the concept of ‘selective coloring’ where image modification is done using various brushes. The app includes basic image processing techniques like image size alteration, cropping, selective coloring and recoloring of images. Users can import images from the camera or mobile gallery and edit the images. The processed images can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or can be sent via email.


  • Applying filter on the brushed path was the major challenge.
  • Change colored portion of the image to grayscale image using black and white brush.
  • In-app purchases to get more filters/brushes and Ad free experience


  • Implemented GPU image library for better and fast application of filters.
  • Implemented pattern brushing technique to overcome the problem of turning colored brushed part to gray scale image.
  • Optimized image ratio and its pixels to get a better editing experience.


  • The image editor app allows recoloring of images and applies desired photo effects to the pictures that are being imported to it.
  • The app displayed a fast rendering graphics and produced the best output.
  • The edited image can be shared via mail or posted to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.



  • swift
  • applovin

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