We are a young and spirited team of IT specialists with a mission to reach the altitudes of professional excellence. We began our journey in 2012 with a handful of projects. Over the course of time, we expanded in forte and resources. We are individually specialized in the services that we offer which make us unique among the others in the market.

Dexlock offers specialized services in Big Data, Machine Learning, Android, iOS development and Cloud services. We serve from small to large industries and have clients from US, New Zealand, Greece, UAE and much more. Our services provide solutions for issues in healthcare, retail, insurance, energy, advertising, media and automobile industries. Dexlock team is well equipped with technical knowledge, business domain expertise and an exceptional grasp of statistical thinking to provide the best service to our clients.

At present, Dexlock is a steadfast company striving to achieve its goals by providing world class and quality end-to-end software solutions to our clients. Our long lasting business relations have helped us to evolve with new professional verticals. Our objective is to provide the maximum Return on investment to your business. We focus on models with a collaborative engagement to understand your priorities and deliver with a bang, that you look for.


Jibin Ashraf

Chief Executive Officer

Deepak Krishnan

Chief Technology Officer

Vipin George

Chief Information Officer